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DSE Presents DynastyProspects.com

Dynasty Sports Empire is proud to announce the newest addition to their growing network, DynastyProspects.com.

DynastyProspects.com will provide readers with every bit of MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL prospect information that can be found on the internet. The goal is to build a home for reliable bloggers and site contributors alike to post their current, own existing material to DynastyProspects.com for a chance at greater exposure, more visits to their own blog or website and increased site statistics that, for some, translate into increased site revenue.

With you, DynastyProspects.com will serve a tremendous resource for Prospect insight and information. We are looking to house your current content and successfully promote it via all our social media outlets at DSE. All that is required of you is that you visit the site, help promote it and submit your prospect related content in a timely manner. In an effort to keep the content fresh and exciting we ask that you do not submit any articles that have been “on the shelf” for longer than 30 days.In other words, if you posted an article 32 days ago on your own blog or site, please refrain from automatically posting it to DynastyProspects.com. Instead, feel free to contact @DSEmpire_Luke or @DSEmpire_CEO on Twitter and we will review the content to ensure it is current and appropriate for posting.  Any content will be posted by the individual and submitted without further editorial process (So use spellcheck).

The scape of the sports prospect news market is rapidly changing. With the addition of Twitter (@DynastyProspects) and many other social media outlets, readers want their information NOW.  Having you on board to provide that content will quench the thirst of the reader and keep them coming back for what should be a very exciting push to another successful venture under the Dynasty Sports Empire brand.

The Agreement between you and DynastyProspects.com would be as follows:
1. You will commit to sending DynastyProspects.com your Prospect related content on a regular basis in an effort to help promote yourself and your brand as a reliable source of information and insight.

2. You will not plagiarize or reproduce content from any source in which you were not granted permission or provided approval.

3. DynastyProspects.com will do everything in its power to support and expose your content via all Social Media outlets used by Dynasty Sports Empire, it’s contributers, users and staff.

We look forward to having your content displayed and wish you continued success in your writing achievements.


Lawrence Marino
Dynasty Sports Empire

About This Empire Soldier: We are the nations most dynamic fantasy sports, dynasty and redraft leagues. Period. These are not casual fantasy sports leagues. We have very dedicated and hardcore fantasy owners that strive to be successful. We are constantly looking for others with the same passion and abilities. If you have what it takes, join The Empire today!

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