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  • 5
    The Empire runs some of the deepest, most hardcore dynasty baseball leagues you'll find anywhere. I dropped all my other baseball leagues besides their D1 dynasty league because it's all I need.
    Josh Moore
    Dynasty Baseball
  • 5
    Dynasty Sports Empire is the most thorough, most engaging fantasy sports league I've experienced. There is great competition and continuity from year to year, and the daily interaction between participants is excellent. Definitely prefer the dynasty commitment; it's the closest thing I've experienced to being a true GM.
    Chuck Gerardi
    Dynasty Baseball, Dynasty Basketball & Dynasty Football
  • 5
    DSE provides the ultimate leagues for the serious fantasy gamer to join. Their football and hockey leagues encompass absolutely every aspect of the sport and are much more in depth than any other league I have played in. The dynasty format truly allows me to build a team for years down the road, not just for a few weeks.
    Dynasty Football & Dynasty Hockey
  • 5
    The DSE leagues have some of the best fantasy owners I have ever played against. All of the owners are active, passionate, and engaged during the full season. The best part of the DSE is that there is no off season. Roster deadlines, Rookie and Free Agent drafts, and trade windows keep the fantasy experience going the full year.
    Ed Kulawiak
    Dynasty Football & Dynasty Hockey
  • 5
    My first year playing with DSE has left a very positive impression on me. The leagues themselves are competitive and engrossing, while the customer service is both helpful and efficient. I would recommend anyone looking to start a dynasty league to give DSE a hard look.
    Michael Clifford
    Dynasty Hockey
  • 5
    Where can I start, DSE is more just a fantasy league, it a family and a community. Not only were there great fantasy owners who were always active, but its great to be around people who respect the “game” and are willing to always help lend advice. The DSE is going to blow up so I’d get involved now while you can!
    Sean Perry
    Dynasty Football
  • 5
    The DSE crew has one of the coolest concepts on the net for combining fantasy sports, community and relevant sports content and info. The Slack aspect is an original way to meet other fantasy nuts like yourself and the league's we run are the most advanced and competitive league's I have been a part of!
    Darryl DiRocco
    Dynasty Baseball & Basketball