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DSE Dynasty Fantasy Basketball Leagues

Here you will find everything you need to know about our Dynasty Basketball leagues. There is no league specific information here, only general and universal DSE Basketball information.


League Host: Fantrax

12 Team leagues are split into 3 Divisions, 4 teams each


Scoring Group Scoring Category Position Points

Assists (Ast)

Default 1

Blocks (Blk)

Default 2

Double Doubles (2D)

Default 10

Ejections (Ej)

Default -20

Flagrant Fouls (FF)

Default -10

Offensive Rebounds (OReb)

Default 1

Personal Fouls (PF)

Default -2

Points (Pts)

Default 1

Rebounds (Reb)

Default 1

Steals (St)

Default 3

Technical Fouls (TF)

Default -5

Three Pointers Made (3Pt)

Default 1

Triple Doubles (3D)

Default 20

Turnovers (TO)

Default -3



Maximum Total Players: 25
Minimum Active Players: 0
Maximum Active Players: 12
Maximum Reserve Players: Unlimited
Maximum Injury Reserve Players: Not Used
Maximum Minor League Players: Not Used
Prevent illegal rosters: Always
Injury Reserve Enforcement type: None

Pos Min Active Max Active
Point Guard (PG) 0 2
Shooting Guard (SG) 0 2
Small Forward (SF) 0 2
Power Forward (PF) 0 2
Center (C) 0 2
Flex (Flx) 0 2


Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes
Lineup changes are executed: Daily
Lineup Changes are locked 0:05 (hours:minutes) Set amount of time before players game


Trade System: Owners propose their own trades
Maximum Trades per Team: Unlimited
Trade Voting System: None


Claim/Drop Privileges: Owners perform their own claims & drops
Max # of claims per season: 30 ( Free Agents: 30 , Waiver Wire: Not Used )
Max # of claims per week: Unlimited
Use Waiver Wire process: No
Allow claims/drops before the draft: No
Can’t drop list: Not Used


Free Agent Claim System: Free for all (1st come 1st serve)

Here is the outline for our Fantasy Basketball Dynasty League Rules & Regulations:

Rules & Guidelines

All league fees are due August 1st for returning league members
Draft will begin within 24 hours of the last paid league fee

League Champion = 40%
Runner-Up = 12%
Regular Season Champion = 13%
Division Champion = 5% x 3
MVP = 10% (Most Fantasy points from starts, top getters split if within 50 pts)
ROY = 5% (DSE Rookie Draft eligible players only, NBA ROY Award wins)
DMVP = 5% (NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award)

1st Year – $50.00
2nd Year – $75.00
3rd Year and beyond – $100.00


  • All roster size limits are removed during the off-season to accommodate trades
  • Trades may be completed between any teams that have paid or earned credit towards the following season


  • The Rookie, Expansion and Free Agent Draft order will be the same throughout the entire draft

**For 1st Year Leagues, a serpentine draft order will be used for the 1st year ONLY. Reverse order for the Free Agent draft of the yearly Rookie Draft**

  • The draft order will be determined by the order of finish for the Playoffs & Championship.
  • Non-Playoff teams will automatically have their draft position determined by the end of the regular season according to Win %, then most points scored.
  • As you are eliminated from playoff contention, the team with the lowest regular season winning % will earn the next best draft slot.
  • Add/Drops will be accepted at any time during the post-draft session and will count against your yearly total number of moves.
  • The open Free Agent period, when you can begin to add players via Free agency, will begin immediately after the draft is completed

**Roster maximums vary depending on the year your league is in**


  • Drafts are facilitated and managed by one of our Admins in our Skype Community
  • Each league has a designated “Draft Room” within the Skype Community
  • All Drafts begin once all members have paid and the draft order has been determined
  • Drafts are considered a “Slow Draft” with 3-6 hours per team, per pick and usually take up to 1-2 weeks to complete (20 Round AVG)
  • In the event that a league fills inside 2 weeks of opening day for any sport a one day, host supported draft will be utilized. You may need to adjust your schedule to make the draft in person.
  • Teams are notified via email when league is full and when the draft will begin
  • All draft times are local and the clock runs from 10am-10pm EST everyday until the draft is completed
  • Once all teams are paid and confirmed the draft may begin unless a predetermined date has been set
  • All draft picks are entered into a fully visible online document via Google Drive


  • Each team will be awarded 3 Rookie Draft picks to begin their season
  • These picks can be traded at any time
  • The players selected in the Rookie Draft are the ONLY players eligible for the Rookie of the Year Award
  • If traded they will lose their Rookie status and thus becomes ineligible for ROY, Players must be in the current database
  • The Rookie Draft is for incoming first year, NBA Draft selected players ONLY
  • Players selected in the Rookie Draft will register one credit for their owner towards Free Agency cuts the following season, for the lifetime of their tenure on their drafted team
  • Rookie Draft players cannot be submitted as a DROP for Free Agent draft until all mandatory cuts have been made.

**You are receiving a credit for keeping any 1st Year player on your roster for a entire season**

  • Any undrafted Rookie becomes a Free Agent at the end of the Rookie Draft


  • All returning teams are awarded one (1) Free Agent pick per player dropped or cut during the offseason.
  • Free Agent and Rookie Draft picks may be traded at will


  • You will be required to cut your roster down if you are over the league designated maximum. This will be done by a predetermined date set by the League Commissioner which usually is one week prior to opening day.



  • Each team is given 1.5 Add/Drops per Regular Season Matchup, as per DSE Universal Settings
  • The cutoff or Add/Drop deadline is the last day of the regular season at 11:59pm
  • All Add/Drops are a first come first serve transaction
  • Add/Drops are non-transferrable and do not carry over from one season to the next


  • Multi-player or lopsided trades may be made. If so, the team with the roster vacancy may fill it by using an Add/Drop.
  • Trades are official when both parties have accepted via the league host site and the League Commissioner has performed the “Approval” stage of the trade process.
  • The owner with the surplus must drop one player to make room on their roster
  • Trade Deadline – See your league schedule


Leagues use 3-Year Trade Restriction program that provides a sense of realistic, binding contractual ties to a player who has been a staple on your team. Once a player has completed his 3rd full season on your team he falls under our Trade Restriction Guidelines. If traded, players need to be sent with minimum compensation in the form of draft picks and payment for the following season. Here is the breakdown of our Trade Restriction Guidelines and minimum compensation:

If you are acquiring a….5th Year Player

You would need to include in your deal a…1st-3rd RD FA & 1st-2nd RD Rookie

For 5th Year Players: Choose any 2 picks: 1st-3rd Round FA & 1st-2nd Round Rookie
For 4th Year Players: Choose any 1 pick 2nd-4th Round FA OR 1st-3rd Round Rookie
For 3rd Year Players: Choose any 1 pick 3rd-5th Round FA OR 2nd-3rd Round Rookie


  • The  division winners will earn the top seeds in the playoffs
  • The final playoff spots will be given to the teams with the most wins
  • Champion will be crowned at the end of the regular season
  • At the conclusion of each season the worst team in the Division will move down to the lower division for the following season
  • The Division winning teams will move up to the next highest division


  • Roster size limits are removed in the offseason
  • Any cuts or changes will need to be done the week of opening day
  • Every team will be designated a certain number of drops during the offseason
  • “Drops” can only come from your final roster
  • No players acquired in the offseason can be used as part of your mandatory drops for the Free Agent Draft
  • For each “Rookie” or Tenored player (3 or more years of continuous service) you will receive one credit towards your mandatory drops or cuts
  • Rookies are players who are drafted in the Rookie Draft and have never been dropped, waived, released or traded
  • Rookies who stay on your roster become 3 year Tenured players
  • Each team is required to submit their Free Agent drops by August 1st
  • Each team is required to submit payment for the following season by August 1st
  • Draft picks will be made available for trade immediately after payment is submitted.

Leagues are filling as you read this. Please feel free to contact us or tweet us at @DSEmpire_CEO for more info. Thank you for choosing Dynasty Sports Empire and we’ll see you on the virtual court!