Weekend in Hindsight (Week 4)


Week four of the NFL season is in the books. This has been a hard week to find an underlying theme. Many players stepped up into starting roles and fared well. Many other players failed miserably this week to achieve even mild success. And still others had some ugly, ugly weeks.

Maybe there was something I was missing that would tie it all together. I had thoughts of an all TE article this week after, Gronk and possibly his dad decided he couldn’t play. Perhaps maybe an all RB article as Ray Rice and CJ2K are murdering fantasy teams. Then I thought I’d write an all QB article as Glennon, Cassel, and Flynn all started for the first time this year with some varying results. But in the end, there was too much football and too many ideas to choose.

After an almost 15 year hiatus, I am back in school. Trying to start out on a new career path. It was as I remember, and though sometimes it’s a breeze, some weeks can be hellish. Last week was one of those hellish weeks. Between trying to supplement income on the weekend and study for the test this week, there was little time for football. These are the headlines I did witness, these are the players that did or did not impress me. Football can be tough, so can school, just ask these guys….


File Photo: David Banks/Getty Images

File Photo: David Banks/Getty Images

Alshon Jeffery WR Chicago Bears

Standard Scoring league Projection: 2 Points

Actual Standard League Scoring:     20 Points

Alshon really had a lot going against him this year. Among them, trying to come back from last year’s injury and Jay Cutler seemingly only having eyes for Brandon Marshall.

After a bit of an inconsistent start, he seems to be shaking off the rust, and catching a few shy glances from Cutler. On 11 targets, Jeffrey hauled in 5 receptions for 107 yards and a score. He added 1 rush attempt for 27 yards, and even had a successful 2-point conversion.

In the end Chicago could not overcome Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions, but may have finally found a bit of a more balanced passing game. If the offensive line can help Matt Forte gain some ground and protect Jay Cutler long enough that he isn’t fumbling or forcing throws that turn into interceptions, we just may have a viable fantasy weapon in Alshon Jeffrey going forward.


File Photo: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

File Photo: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Julio Jones WR Atlanta Falcons

Standard Scoring league Projection: 15 Points

Actual Standard League Scoring:     10 Points

Aqib Talib is a man possessed, he is the football embodiment of the structured settlement commercials. It’s his money and he want it…directly after this season. This season that he intends on spending shutting down opposing WR’s with incredible precision, and proving he is a top 3 shut down corner. Talib was thrown at 8 times for 1 reception for 2 total yards with a pick and a PD, he took Jones out of this game, and then Julio took himself out.

When all looked lost, Jones decided that being injured on the bench was a better option than running himself ragged trying to free himself from Talib. He returned, surprisingly spry for being injured, after the rest of his team (who hadn’t quit) made it a game again. With Talib now having switched to play Roddy white, Jones was free to collect 2 of his 6 catches for 69 of his 108 yards.

When push came to shove however, Jones could not deliver. On the final drive, after hauling in an amazing catch, with Talib on Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez being double teamed, Jones could not even get open for a pass attempt against the inferior of the Patriot defenders.


File Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

File Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Darren McFadden RB Oakland Raiders

Standard Scoring league Projection:  18 Points or Injured

Actual Standard League Scoring:         2 Points and Injured

5 carries for 29 yards and a bum hamstring going against a horrific Redskins defense. Rashad Jennings finished the day with 116 total yards, Rashad Jennings!! Run DMC just cannot be trusted. He may very well soon be in the NFL dictionary under “Injury-Prone”, much like Ryan Leafs face is above the word “Bust” and last year’s Eagles team will be associated with “Paper-Lions”.

McFadden has only 1 season with more than 1000 rushing yards, back in 2010, also the last time he had 100 or more rushing yards in back-to-back games. If the argument is that as such a focal point of the Raiders’ offense his value comes in rushing as well as receiving, well he hasn’t had back to back 100+ total yard games since OCT 2011.

Since 2008, McFadden has 5000 total yards for 25 TD’s with 16 Fumbles. In the same time frame BenJarvus Green-Ellis has 3700 total yards with 37 TD’s and 4 Fumbles.

Standard scoring:

RunDMC 618

LawFirm 584

That’s closer than you thought, isn’t it? I’m not saying you should trade one for the other, or draft Benny over Darren next year, I’m saying that sometimes “slow and steady” does indeed… win the race.


File Photo: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

File Photo: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Peyton Manning QB Denver Broncos

Standard Scoring league Projection: 23 Points

Actual Standard League Scoring:       24 Points

Another week, another Manning. Unlike his brother however, Peyton can do no wrong this year. Leave it to Gruden to tell you exactly what everyone already knows, what everyone has already tried to tell us. Peyton will do anything to keep all his receivers happy, it’s like he has a running ticker in his head for everyone on his team. He has a brilliant football mind, you can no longer confuse him with coverage and blitz packages, don’t even try. If you leave a single safety deep, he will throw all over you. If you stack the box, he will throw all over you. If you show your blitz, he will hit the open receiver in the zone. And if you dare try to take away the pass by dropping eight, he will call a run audible and whichever back won the rock/paper/scissors on the sideline, will run up your gut.

Whoever has Peyton Manning will most likely enjoy the ride to the Fantasy Football Playoffs. Timing may be everything, and Manning may bring you home a Championship this year, in Fantasy land. The top ranked Offenses haven’t fared so well at winning the SuperBowl, and Peyton needs to prove he can beat the one person in the playoffs that always seems to beat him, himself.

Who will be Gruden’s “This Guy” next week? You decide! Cast your vote at me via email or twitter.

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